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Our Challenge  class on Saturday morning is going great. This is for Advanced dogs and trainers and the class is taken by  our Senior  trainer Warren Doyle. He is supported by Rob and Kate.


February 17 - Please make sure you like our Facebook page as this is where we are creating more articles on dogs and information for those being trained in our classes. You will get any information on closures due to weather or other happenings.

January 17 - New ground rules are now available in our website so please have a look under "Training".


 FABULOUS NEWS; Bonnies have just been awarded a second global trophy for the "Best Obedience training school in Australia".  This award has come to us from Great Britain. A global business award.  Its for  Training Excellence 2016.  This makes it two awards in a row.  One for 2015 and one for 2016.

The trainers can be very proud of their achievement.

Please remember to ensure you have read the "Ground Rules" on this website or on sheets available at the grounds, as this is very important to maintaining a healthy and fun place to train your dog.


 NEW PHOTOS (click to enlarge)


Demonstration Squad did great performances at the recent school fetes.  If you would like a demo at your fete just let me know.  33002959.

The Bonnies Demo team will be available for Fetes etc again this year.  Even bigger and better. Just phone Val 33002959 and arrangements for the team can and will be made. Mobile is 0417631246

Well done team, and congratulation from the Bonnies.  You certainly keep the flag flying.

  Spoke with Spain and U.K. Saturday night   This happens every 4 weeks.  It's fun and great question and Answer time.  This communication continues and will continue into 2017.  It's fun and I hope helpful to all who hear it. Its now 2017 and we have already spoken to Spain and the U.K.

Demo Team is now managed by one of our senior trainers.  John Fraser.  All are having a great time .  New Shirts. Leads and routines.  Well worth watching.

 We now have several  of the Young Diggers working with us Will keep encouraging them and their  dogs to do well.  It's great having them with us.  These are the veterans who have returned from Afghanistan & other war torn areas. with P.T.S D, and are working with dogs to relieve their stress.  A great movement and one we are proud to be associated with.


This is the book everyone and every NEW parent should have. It will provide safety information for all new babies and toddlers, and harmony for the dog in residence. You can now purchase it by going into the PRODUCT AREA on this web site, or you can email me direct on info@bonnies.com.au.

So many dogs get given away or euthanased when new babies arrive. This should solve all those problems.

YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS BOOK. COST IS $28.95. The best money you can spend. Buy online via PayPal. Also available as an E. Book. See products section.

Bonnies Demonstration Team - taken at Caboolture 2011

Bonnies Demonstration Team - taken at Caboolture 2011. They continue to do Fetes and anywhere else that they are invited. They are very dedicated to their dogs, and to Bonnies.  Going very strong this year 2015. Still working together in 2017.

Japanese students visit Bonnies from Fukuoka College on Wednesday 10th October, 2012. A great training day had by all.
Japanese students visit Bonnies from Fukuoka College on Wednesday 10th October, 2013. A great training day had by all. They continue to come ever year. 2013 was their 14th year of attending Bonnies.
Japanese students visit Bonnies from Fukuoka College on Wednesday 10th October, 2012. A great training day had by all.


Lisa and her beautiful border collie Moss achieve with honors their Australian Obedience Championship. This is the third of Lisa's dog to achieve this honour2017 is a new year. Make it the best year you can for you and your dog.

Be responsible, be considerate of your neighbours and all others.

Love your dog, but have him or her do as you tell them when you tell them.

Make him a total part of your family.


The 2017 year took off with a tremendous bang. People are obviously realizing how important it is to have a well trained dog in hand.  Let's hope 2017 is  good for all.

Congratulations to all those who have taken on their responsibility so well.

Please make sure you carry water with you for the dog. Remember water in different places not only taste differently, but can literally make your dog feel ill. ALWAYS CARRY WATER FOR YOUR DOG.

TRY TO KEEP THE WATER IN ANYTHING BUT A PLASTIC BOTTLE. It has been researched that water left in a car in a plastic bootle can become contaminated.

Toads are at plague proporions at the moment. Be aware they will hurt your dog if you allow them to lick or handle the toad in any manner. Keep them away from the Toads.

Hope this all helps.

The newest book "Hey Baby" Who's the Boss"? has now been published. It is for all those who will be bringing babies home where a dog is already in residence. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL. It is now available. See the Product page on this Web site.

The book which is the sequel to "Who's the Boss"? is also available.. It is called "Are you STILL the BOSS? It is A MUST HAVE for every dog owner. It will take you through the later years as your dog changes in many ways, as your children grow up and the pack structure may change, it covers all the different types of AGGRESSION that some dogs may suffer from, and is particularly good for all who own more than one dog. It will take you through your dogs life until it is time to say goodbye.

The three books together, plus the two DVDs gives you a TOTAL PACKAGE everyone with a dog should have. It is the best EDUCATIONAL DOG PACKAGE available.

To order this new book you only have to contact me on (07) 3300 2959 (international: +61 7 3300 2959) or 0417 631 246 or email me on info@bonnies.com.au


We keep this up here as it is good for all people to read. I realize it happened many years ago now, but I think it is so important, I keep it up here.

On Friday 29th October, 2010 a Plaque was presented to the Shelter by Bonnies and the Shepherd Demo Squad.

  • This presentation was to honour the dog "HERBIE" who together with his handler lost their lives in Afghanistan early this year.
  • The Service was very well attended by army personel, Councillor for the Canine Control Council, Councillor of the Moreton Bay Regional Council, 2 of the Army Dog Squad who have only been back from Afghanistan for 1 week, a gentleman who was a dog handler in Malaya many years ago,, the President of the A.D.F. (Aust. Defence Force) Tracking & War Dogs Association, President of the Shelter and members of Bonnies and Shepherd Demo Team, and volunteers from the Shelter.

These dogs which are well trained by the Army do a fabulous job, often saving the lives of all who move with them. Not enough recognisition is given to them by us the general public. The wonderful show of Army who attended this small memorium presentation shows just how much these wonderful 4 legged soldiers mean to their 2 legged compatriots.

Rest well 'HERBIE' You will be missed. I keep this information in here even though it is now 2014. I believe it is important enough to keep on view. . This is to remain on view to keep us aware of just what these Army Dogs do for us. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers please.

We keep this story in here as it an unending one. Many dogs assisted in Afghanistan and other war zones.

We try to keep their memories alive and all those who handled them.


Phone 33002959 or 0417631246 to book in for classes.  Book early as we fill quickly.