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Well qualified and caring

ImageTwo of our trainers have achieved their Australian Obedience Champion level. Three are Senior Obedience, Agility & tracking Judges.
Most of our trainers are training and trialing their own dogs and all are experienced handlers and trainers.

Trainers have been with Bonnie's for many years, and all are people people. They really care about you and your dog. Trainers have the expertise, the knowledge, the correct attitude and the caring factor that continues to make Bonnie's the leader in their field. Trainers are also members of the Dog Obedience Trainers Association. Each year the trainers continue to upgrade their skills. They are never satisfied they have learnt all there is to know about their dogs. This is one of the reasons they are so good at what they do. These trainers are without a doubt the best in the business. What is that business? Helping you and your dog to live in total harmony.  A basically PEOPLE TRAINING INDUSTRY.

 Warren Doyle  over 28 years.   Heath Finn  approx 30 years.  Ian Wilson  Approx 24  years, Kate Green, approx. 9 years.  Aldo Calderero approx. 7 or 8 years.  Rob Lake   16years.  John Fraser  approx. 17 years. Louise Griffith around 9 years. Kathy Marshall 7years.  Mellissa Bakes 5years. Patricia Farquarsan (Puppies Mt. Gravatt) around 16 years.

John Shields and Paul McKie have recently retired.  They will be  sorely missed. Spent well over 20 years with Bonnies.  Chanelle Shields also retired, but still travels with Val.


Ian has been to Japan for the last 2 years as our representative.

Chanelle Shields  worked as Trainer for around 19 years, and presently assists when required.Travelling companion to Japan each year.

Val has been training 40 years,  attends Japan every year as Chief Mentor, has students from Japan every year attend training through the Qld. University.  Has lectured in China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea and  England as well as many Seminars here in Australia.(see her profile for full particulars.)

Rhonda Wilson, Vals right arm in the administration area. Has been with Bonnies the same length of time as her husband Ian.

Bruce Bonney ,Trainer and Admin advisor and part owner with Val   60 years.  Peter Bonney  3 years ago 2013 joined us as our Public Relations expert.  Val & Chanelle  went off to Japan again last  year 2015.   2016 again saw hundreds f students from Japan working with Bonnies through the Qld. University.

Their committment to Bonnie's is one of the reasons BONNIE'S is the leader in their field nearly .40  years of experience must count for something, and thousands of people and their dogs can attest to their expertise.

The Bonnies training team have been awarded as one of the Top schools in Queensland for Training in 2015 and again in 2016  This is a Global award and is given annually each year.

Ian is undertaking the training of a pup for Tracking this year an is doing exceeding well.  Blitz a Swiss White Shepherd is a winner.  Blitx tracking is exceptional and Ian is working with him under the guidance of expert Warren Doyle.

Below is Ian with his now deceased Border Collies.



This is Ian and his two Border Collies.Trainer and dogs - Ian