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"Rescuing and Training a Fearful Working Dog: A Journey of Patience and Love"

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Introduction: Welcome to the Bonnie's Dog Obedience and Puppy School blog, where we share inspiring stories of dog training, dog rescue, dog and puppy training and more. In this post, we delve into the heart-warming tale of the Thompson family, who embarked on an extraordinary journey to rescue and train a 1 year old fearful working dog named Max. Discover how love, patience, and the guidance of Bonnie's Dog Obedience and Puppy School helped transform Max's life.

When ever people rescue a dog from a shelter or group or individual we get a story about "Why the dog is being rehomed"? Many don't get a full and clear picture of the issues nor do they really understand what needs their dog will have.
At Bonnies "We LOVE working dogs!

Rescue and the Challenges Faced: When the Thompsons decided to expand their furry family, they found themselves rescuing a one-year-old working dog, Max. Little did they know that Max's lack of socialization and unfamiliarity with the world outside would present them with unique challenges. At Bonnie's Dog Obedience and Puppy School, we understand the complexities of rescuing and rehabilitating fearful dogs, and we were eager to assist the Thompsons in their journey.

Introducing Max to Bailey: With an existing dog, Bailey, in their household, the Thompsons were uncertain about how to facilitate a healthy introduction between the two. Bonnie's Dog Obedience and Puppy School provided guidance on gradual introductions and techniques to foster a bond between Max and Bailey. The Thompsons learned that patience and supervision were key to ensuring the safety and comfort of both dogs during their initial interactions. Addressing Max's Behavioural Challenges: Max's marking behaviour inside the house was another hurdle the Thompsons faced. Lacking knowledge and experience, they turned to Peter Bonney for advice. With his expertise, they discovered the benefits of crate training as one tool to help overcome this issue. They provided step-by-step instructions on introducing Max to his crate, making it a secure and comfortable space where he could learn proper house manners. They introduced leash management, Place training, Touch training, food refusal and more to get the Rescue dog familiarised with their new home.

Learning and Growing Together: The Thompsons acknowledged their limited understanding of dog training and behaviour and actively sought resources to educate themselves. They immersed themselves in books, online articles, and videos, eager to grasp effective training techniques. By utilizing the knowledge gained from Bonnie's Dog Obedience and Puppy School, they slowly but surely became confident in their ability to train Max.

Progress and Triumph: Weeks turned into months, and the Thompsons witnessed remarkable progress in Max's journey. With the help of their knowledgeable trainers, Max's confidence grew, and he conquered his fear of cars, motorbikes, kids and trucks. The bond between Max and Bailey flourished, and the Thompsons celebrated every small victory along the way.

Conclusion: The Thompson family's story is a testament to the power of love, patience, and proper guidance when rescuing and training a fearful working dog. Through their journey, they discovered the transformative impact that professional and knowledgeable training can have on the lives of dogs and their families. If you're facing similar challenges, remember that with determination, education, and the support of professionals, you can provide a loving and supportive environment for your furry companion. Visit, now in their 50th year and ‘multi award-winning dog training school in Brisbane’, to learn more about our services and embark on your own journey of canine companionship and growth.

About the Author: Peter Bonney is the second of 3 generations to be dog trainers. The company was founded in 1973 by Bruce and Val Bonney. Val Bonney is the Author of 3 books "Who's the Boss"? "Are you still the Boss"? and "Hey Baby - Whos the Boss"?

Their son Peter, after an extensive career travelling the world, started to learn the craft of training. His son Christian Bonney then started to learn the craft at age 12. He has trained hundreds of families over the past few years. Christian is now 21. Peter is also a writer, an influencer in the Pet Industry, a Master Puppy Trainer, CEO and is passionate about great training for families all around the world. At Bonnies “WE LOVE DOGS”.

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