Human - Canine Relationship Course

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A five unit 'Canine Human Relationships' course has been developed for those who wish to learn more about dog behaviour. To increase knowledge and apply the theory to real live dog problems. This course will definitely improve your problem solving skills. This course has been set up to enhance instructor and trainer skills, and covers the different methods of training, pack structure, aggression and problem solving. These are just a few of the subjects covered. The course was accepted by The Queensland University as an outside course some years ago.


A certificate of competence will be given by Bonnie's on completion of the course. It is not a certified courseThis course can be undertaken by those living in remote areas or anyone who feels they are not near adequate resources. There are five units, each of which can be done in your own time.

A Competence Certificate is presented upon completion of the course. The course is ideal for instructors or trainers or indeed anyone who wishes to enhance their skills, both in instructing and helping people with their dog behaviour problems. Vet Nurses have found it particularly rewarding & their practices have benefited.


If you want to progress in the dog world, then this course is a must!


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Human - Canine Relationship Course