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Training International Students

Val Bonney and her trainers educate many hundreds of students, from all over Japan, in the art of Dog Training and Animal Behaviour.

Under the auspices of The University of Queensland, Japanese Students from Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hokkiado, Nagoya and other major cities visit Brisbane once or twice a year to further their education. Two days of their seven day trip, are spent with Bonnie's Dog Obedience and Care Centre. They enjoy their time with us immensely as well as increasing their skills and understanding of Canine Behaviour.

Over September, October and November this year, bonnies will once again be working with Japanese Students from Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka and other areas. The students spend a part of their one week Overseas studies at the University here with us, learning about dog training. They love it, and we love having them.

We provide them with lots of different types (breeds) of dogs, but they certainly love their German Shepherds.

At the moment October, two of my trainers are working hard in Japan with the K9 Club in Matsuyama. This Club has over 1600 members. The boys will be training and Judging these dogs at 3 different Trials.


Further to the above the two Trainers have returned from Japan, and all went swimingly. They had a great time, and their students, and competitors all went well, and the boys tell me everyone learnt from each other.



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Students from Nagoya, Japan

International expertise

Val has also worked in China, Singapore, Malaysia (Penang, Butterworth, Kuala Lumpur), and Taipei. One highlight was spending a month in China in 2007 with Chinese Police dog handlers and having a holiday.

Val also visits Japan at least once a year to work with a training School in Matsuyama, and Imbari. This school has in excess of 1500 students. Val trains and Judges them in competition. Val returned again from Japan in March, 2009 where she was Judging and training the students who attend these training schools. She Judged about 87 dogs in all divisions of competition. She had a ball and so did they.On the way home, Val also called into SEOUL for a couple of days - INTERESTING!

Journal of Year 2010 trip to Japan

"Well off to Japan again in March, 2010 Looking forward to this one, as I think I will make it my last visit to Japan. I have been going now for over 10 years. All good things must come to an end I guess.

Hopefully next year I will be sending 2 of my other trainers to Japan. one is a Senior Judge and the other a Behavioural Specialist.

I will visit Kyoto ( the traditional part of Japan on this forthcoming visit.)and after that back to Teipei and then on to Hong Kong. (primarily to have a bit of a holiday,) but as I will have one of my trainers Chanelle with me, we will most likely find some dog events and schools to attend."

It is now 2018.  2017 again saw all the students here from the University.  I think 2017 really was my last visit to Japan.  I don't care for the long flights anymore, but I will miss going, and they certainly stay in touch with me via email.  Love hearing from them.  Even though sometimes the English is a little hare to decipher.



International Students Photographs

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