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Training International Students

Val Bonney and several of Bonnie's Trainers attend seminars all over the world. A one month stint with Police-in-Service Dogs in West Virginia, United States, saw the attendees increasing their knowledge of Bomb Detection, Drug Seeking, Tracking, Bite Work and even Basic Obedience. Val and two of her trainers also spent time in Honolulu with 93 other Trainers from all over the world.

Bonnie's Trainers are very gifted people, extremely dedicated to understanding dog behaviour. Working with the dogs of thousands over the many years Bonnie's has been operating has enabled us to build an immense knowledge base 40 years.(  I can't believe time has gone so swiftly.)

Dog Training is really a 'People Training Industry', and all Trainers at Bonnie's are keenly aware of this. United under Val's direction for so many years, they love the work they do - it definitely shows.

We believe we are never too old to learn, and learn we do, from many sources.
Many seminars given by gifted people from around the world are attended by Val and Bonnie's trainers. Any piece of new information attained is a gem, no matter how small, and many gems soon fill a treasure chest - this is the attitude of those who work at Bonnie's, ensuring Bonnie's works for you.

In 2003 Val headed to the U.K. for Crufts (the largest dog show in the world). Val gave lectures and promoted her book 'Who's the Boss?'.

In the past several years literally thousand of students from Japan Colleges have been trained through Bonnie's on the finer aspects of Dog Training, while visiting Queensland for their Overseas experience. This training is organised through the Queensland University T.E.S.O.L. program.  This year 2019 is our 20 th year with these students from Japan.

Val attends Japan every year and works with and Judges Dogs from Matsuyama and Imabari Training School, which has a membership of about 1900. Val is the mentor for their Trainers and has been for some 20 years. 
There are now 5 cities in Japan working with their founder Johnny Kobyiaski

Each year since August 2008, Bonnies has had the priveledge of having a Japanese trainer  come to stay with us for a week to learn more about dogs, and to take back to Japan with her as much knowledge as we can give her.

Students from Nagoya, Japan

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