Training classes

Training Classes Overview

Puppy Training and Socialisation

A dog grows from eleven to twenty times faster in the first year and ten times faster in the second year, than we do. All the moulding, control and shaping should be done in that time. The earlier the better. The sooner you start training your puppy the fewer problems you are going to have. We start training puppies from 8 weeks of age in secure surroundings. What a puppy learns between 8 to 16 weeks of age is the basis of its Adult Life. 

Puppies are held at Mt. Gravatt on a Monday evening.  Phone Patricia on 0431743661 (Start on any Monday)

The Gap on a Wednesday evening, phone Bruce or Val on 33002959 or 0417631246 (Start on any Wednesday night)


Puppy training can be done in certain Parvo Free areas. You do NOT have to have ALL of the vaccinations to do puppy school. We are specialist puppy trainers who understand the psychology of the dog and how this fits with the family.

Dog Obedience and Training

Dog Obedience is more than walking up and down a paddock saying heel, sit, stand, stay, drop and come. It's about you and your dog getting on well together and your dog fitting in with the children and the rest of your family. We have designed specific 8 week courses to help you get the best from your dog. Yes - you are training so you do get a weekly Homework sheet to help you focus on the weeks training you have been taught.

Reading The book 'Who's the Boss?' is an part of your training with us and helps you to understanding and enjoy your dog. This is given FREE along with the DVD, the Ground Rules and a "Bonnies Bag" for all your bits and doggy pieces when you first check in.

How to successfully introduce your NEW BABY into a home which has a dog and vice versa - Class

DID you know that more than 20,000 dogs a year are rehomed or euthanized due to this ONE issue. We are scared our dog will hurt the baby. This is a Class for those who are expecting babies to join their immediate family. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SESSION AND CONTACT SHOULD  BE MADE IMMEDIATELY TO VAL ON (07)33002959 or 0417631246 Make your reservation have our Behaviourist Attend you and your family at you own home. We also do ANTI NATAL Classes to help new mums and dads. New book available.  "Hey Baby - Who's the Boss"? Even if you buy the book it WILL HELP. Please don't be a statistic.

Intermediate Dog Training Class's

As soon as you have finished your eight week course you are ready to go into our intermediate classes. Here you can make up any missed classes free. You can also join in these intermediate classes at any time during the year for a few refresher lessons provided you have done the basic course first. Many people love these classes so much that they come all the time. To them it is a great weekly outing for them and their dog. Once you experience it you will Iknow why your dog is becoming better and better behaved and your confidence continues to grow

These.Intermediate classes are now held on a Friday evening 7.30 p.m. as well as Saturday morning. saturadys  now 7 a.m. to allow for the hot weather.

Advanced "Challenge Class"

All done off lead.  Great fun and very challenging.  Your dog needs to be assessed to join in with this class as it is really a hands off course and is suitable for people with experience and dogs with the ability to work off lead.  6.0  a.m. to 6/30  a.m. every Saturday morning.  These classes are run by professional trainer Warren Doyle along with Rob and Kate. Even if you have NOT trained at Bonnies before but have a good dog then book in and come along for an assessment.

International Hands On Training For Japanese students

We have been doing this for 19 years now. Japanese students from the Communication Arts Colleges in Japan travel to Australia each year, via the University of Queensland, to further their education. Six to eight hundred students are with us for a short time to see how it's done in another Country. We will have groups of these students coming through again this September, October and November 2015 International Page. We have had Japanese students now for 19 years. 2016 and 2017  saw them here once again. All very successful.  Again I am sure in 2018.  We look forward to having them.

Canine/ Human Relations Course

This is a five Unit correspondence Course for those who want to learn how to assess a dog's behaviour accurately. Many factors have to be taken into consideration in order to apply the right behaviour training. Many Dog Trainers, Instructors, Behaviourists and dog lovers around Australia are doing the Course. If you want a cover page of the contents of the Course just phone (07) 3300 2959  (international: +61 7 3300 2959). A rated certificate of completion is presented at the end of your course. Read about this course especially if you wish to increase your knowledge. Education Page

Instructor's Course

This Course is designed to give new Instructors an opportunity to sit down and think about the many features that go to make a good Instructor. It challenges us all to think about the qualities of a good Instructor. The capabilities of the handlers in a class. The behaviour of various breeds of dog. And all the combinations of all three in say a class of ten people. Teaching and encouraging a group effectively and enjoying the experience is quite a never ending challenge. If training dogs is boring then there is something very wrong. All Bonnies trainers are required to do this course to become Trainers. Education Page

Work Bite Free Course

Work Bite Free Course for those who need to enter peoples property or premises without being bitten by any residing dog. This is a course being done by many Councils and medium to large businesses throughout Queensland. Education Page 


These are conducted by 2 Behavioural Consultants. One of these  will visit you at home, speak with all the family and assist you to solve any problems you may be having with your dog. Don't let the problem go unsolved. It will just escalate. Phone Val (07) 33002959 or 0417631246. We will come at a time that suits your family and us.  These can be life savers for you and will maintain your sanity at this time.


IMPORTANT:-  if your dog has any aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or people, you will need to advise us on application, as your dog will have an assessment test before being allowed to join a class.  Let us know when you phone this may be your dog. We do this to ensure our classes run smoothly and aggressive dogs don't upset the classes. In many cases the aggressive dog may have issues which can be fixed through training. However this is not always the case if the dogs temperament is impaired. Most dogs may really have "Fear Aggression" which can be sorted with effort and consistency of training.

Please remember to ensure you have read the "Ground Rules" on this website or on sheets available at the grounds, as this is very important to maintaining a healthy and fun place to train your dog and to keep everyone safe and happy. We have children who come to the grounds, people with disabilities and pregnant mums so our rules are compulsory reading.