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The most important thing you can do in the whole of your dogs life, is to socialise it fully while it is still young. Socialising with both people and other puppies. At Bonnies we have been training puppies for more than 40 years and we specialise in this training.

A puppy grows approximately 15 times faster than we do in the first year. This means that every 3 weeks it grows one year older in human terms. Their reflexes, ability to see and focus on moving objects is many, many times faster than ours. Can you keep up with that? No wonder dogs get out of hand. Puppy classes are suitable and extremely important for puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks.

What puppies learn in these few short weeks form the basis of their adult lives, this is known as the IMPRINT period. Lots of socialising with other pups their own age. Lots of noise, scents, sounds and experiences, all under professional guidance, guarantee a sound, well-balanced adult dog when the owners are consistent, controlled and above all clear with their dog. This takes practice and effort by ALL in the family. This includes Children. We also have specific training for your kids to understand where they fit into the HUMAN Pack structure and how they can help mum and dad at home.

Education for the puppy owner is vital if the puppy is to become a well adjusted, important part of a family. Understanding why the puppy does the things he does will make life a lot easier and better for his human companions.

Areas covered at Bonnies puppy classes include toilet training, sleeping arrangements, feeding, worming, teaching home manners, teaching how children and puppies can be best socialised, and general care of the puppy. We also include Confidence building with different equipment which aid great value to the puppy becoming a confident dog.

 Mt Gravatt - Our training allows you to Start on ANY Monday .  Phone Patricia on 0431743661

At The GAP we start a new 4 week course every second Wednesday evening.  . We do encourage you to bring your children as they need to learn how they can assist in the training of the pup. Phone Peter  0408337110 or Val 0417631246

Red Hill vets on a Sunday afternoon.  You can contact Peter Direct on 0408337110 or the Vets themselves. email Peter on 

We now have the  3 Puppy Training Centres. 

The Gap, Mt. Gravatt and Red Hill..

For Mt. Gravatt, phone Patricia on  0431743661 These are every Monday evening. 


For the Gap, every second Wednesday evening. 7.15 to 8.15 p.m. If starting new, be there by 7 p.m.   Phone Val & Bruce on 33002959. or 0417631246


The book "Who's the Boss" is mandatory reading for all puppy people because of the wealth of information it contains for the new puppy owner (this book is included in all puppy classes together with a new Puppy Pet or Pest DVD)