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"10 Crucial Questions to Ask a Breeder for a New Puppy"

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Breeders Questions
It's always OK to ask questions about a New Puppy

Asking the right "10 Crucial Questions to Ask a Breeder for a New Puppy" before choosing, purchasing, rescuing or welcoming a new puppy into your home is essential to ensure you KNOW what you are getting into. It certainly doesn't guarantee getting a fantastic puppy for LIFE, but it will give you a sense of empowerment knowing you have done everything you can.

To ensure a smooth transition and the well-being of your new Best Mate, here's a list of important questions to ask your breeder and why they are essential. These questions, along with detailed explanations, have been expertly compiled by Peter Bonney in another Dog Blog Article on this website. For more information and insights, click on the link below.

1. What are the right Health and Genetic Questions I can ask?

  • Are the puppy's parents screened for any hereditary health issues?

  • Can you provide health clearances or certifications for the parents?

  • What is your policy regarding returning or addressing minor or major health issues if our puppy is found to have any?

  • Have the puppies received their initial vaccinations and deworming?

Why: These questions help ensure that the puppy comes from healthy parent dogs, reducing the risk of inheriting hereditary health issues. Health clearances demonstrate the breeder's commitment to producing healthy puppies.

2. Why do I ask about Socialisation and Training with the Breeder?

  • How do you socialise the puppies during their early weeks?

  • Have you started any basic training or house training with the puppies?

  • Is the puppy crate trained?

Why: Proper socialisation and early training are crucial for a puppy's well-adjusted behavior and confidence. Crate training helps with housetraining and providing a safe space for the puppy.

3. Does the Pedigree and Breeding matter?

  • Yes it matters a lot.

  • Can I see the pedigree of the puppy's parents?

  • What is the breeder's experience and reputation in breeding this specific breed?

Why: Access to the pedigree allows you to understand the puppy's lineage and genetic background. The breeder's experience and reputation reflect their dedication to responsible breeding practices.

Puppy and a vet
A great Breeder, Great Puppy, Great Vet, Great training

4. Should where the puppies Living Conditions and Care matter?

  • Where do the puppies spend most of their time, and can I see their living conditions?

  • How do you ensure the puppies are well-cared for and get enough attention?

Why: Visiting the living conditions helps assess the breeder's standards of care and socialisation. Understanding how the puppies are cared for ensures their well-being.

5. Why are the Temperament and Characteristics important?

  • How would you describe the typical temperament and characteristics of this breed?

  • Do you notice any particular traits in this specific puppy that you'd like to mention?

Why: Understanding the breed's temperament helps you prepare for their specific needs and behaviors. Knowing the individual puppy's traits helps assess its compatibility with your lifestyle.

6. What Future Health Support will you provide?

  • What kind of support do you offer after I take the puppy home? (e.g., advice, health checks)

  • Do you provide any health guarantees for the puppy?

Why: A responsible breeder should offer support and health guarantees to ensure the puppy's well-being and address any concerns that may arise.

7. Why should I meet the parents?

  • Can I meet the puppy's parents or at least the mother?

  • How does the mother interact with her puppies?

Why: Meeting the parents provides insight into the puppy's potential behavior and health. Observing the mother's interactions helps gauge her temperament and maternal instincts.

8. What are the Feeding and Care Instructions for my new puppy?

  • What type of food has the puppy been eating, and what is the recommended feeding schedule?

  • Are there any specific care instructions or preferences for this breed?

Why: Knowing the puppy's current diet helps with a smooth transition to your home. Understanding breed-specific care instructions ensures proper care and well-being.

9. Contract and Agreements:

  • Can you provide a written contract detailing the terms of the purchase and any health guarantees?

Why: A clear contract protects both the breeder and the new owner, outlining important terms and conditions for the puppy's purchase and care.

10. What should I Take Home with my Puppy?

  • A towel or blanket with the scent of the puppy's mother and littermates to ease the transition.

  • A small supply of the puppy's current food to avoid sudden dietary changes.

  • Vaccination and health records for your puppy.

  • Any relevant paperwork or documentation related to the puppy's pedigree and health clearances.

Why: These items help the puppy feel more secure and comfortable during the transition to its new home and provide important information about its health and pedigree.

By asking these questions, you can ensure that you are getting a healthy and well-adjusted puppy from a responsible breeder who genuinely cares about their puppies' well-being. Being informed and knowledgeable about the puppy's background and needs sets the foundation for a happy and lifelong relationship with your new furry companion. As I said earlier in this dog blog, there is a very comprehensive WHY? compendium in the Extra Article.

CEO Peter Bonney
CEO Peter Bonney. Director Senior Dog Trainer

Peter Bonney serves as the Director of Bonnies Dog Obedience and Puppy School. As a leading dog training establishment in Brisbane, we've been active for more than half a century and continue to thrive. Our expert team brings together a wealth of experience exceeding 250 collective years. Committed to modernisation, we regularly refresh our training techniques to align with contemporary standards. We're honored to have received numerous accolades, including our most recent win: the 2023 Dog Obedience and Puppy School Australia Award, a Global Award distinction. For any of Val Bonneys Books go to the website.


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