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"Bringing Home a Puppy: Comprehensive Checklist, Costs, and Essential Supplies"

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

"Bringing Home a Puppy: Comprehensive Checklist, Costs, and Essential Supplies"

DID you KNOW: the average spend on training is 1.63% of your dogs cost up to 10 years of age

This is a group of clients who have just completed our #1 Puppy school curriculum. When you are "Bringing Home a Puppy: Comprehensive Checklist, Costs, and Essential Supplies" it is important to at least have an idea on what are the asscoiated costs of ownership of a dog and or puppy - they grow.
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Bringing Home a Puppy a Checklist of Costs and essential supplies and it is an exciting and joyful experience for any family. However, it also requires careful planning and preparation to ensure the well-being and happiness of your furry friend. To help you navigate this journey, we have created a comprehensive checklist of items, services, and approximate costs that you need to consider when welcoming a puppy into your home. From initial costs like adoption fees and veterinary check-ups to essential supplies, food and treats, health care, training, and miscellaneous expenses, we cover everything you need to know. Discover the approximate daily and yearly costs associated with owning a puppy, along with key factors to consider for a smooth transition. This guide will assist you in providing the best care and love for your new family member.

Initial Costs:

Puppy adoption or purchase fee: $500-$6000 (Average $3,500)

Veterinary check-up and vaccinations: $50-$500

Microchipping: $25-$100

Neutering/spaying: $200-$1200 or more Depending on your dog’s age when desexed.

Essential Supplies:

Dog crate or carrier: $30-$200

Playpen: $100-$175

Dog bed or mat: $20-$100

Food and water bowls: $10-$50

Collar and identification tags: $10-$50

Quality Leather collars: $120

Leashes/Leads x 3 (house lead, walking lead, spare): $30-$75

Quality leather Leashes/Leads: $60-$150

Harness: $20-$50

Puppy pads or litter box: $10-$30

Poop bags: $5-$20

Dog waste disposal system (optional): $20-$50

Dog toys (various types): $10-$50

Chew toys: $5-$30

Dog shampoo and grooming supplies: $20-$50

Food and Treats:

High-quality dog food: $1825 per year (average daily cost of $5)

Training treats: $10-$15 per week (approximately $40-$60 per month)

Health Care:

Annual vaccinations and boosters: $50-$200

Flea and tick prevention: $50-$200 per year

Heartworm prevention: $50-$200 per year

Routine veterinary visits and check-ups: $100-$300 per year

Training and Behaviour:

Puppy training classes: $100-$300

Basic obedience: $300-$450

Training aids: $20-$80

Training treats: $10-$15 per week (approximately $40-$60 per month)


Pet insurance: $300-$1000 per year

Dog license: $10-$50 per year

Professional grooming (optional): $200-$500 per year

Dog walker or day care (1 visit per week): $1000-$2000 per year

A graduating group from Puppy Magic Course. SO wj=hen you search for 'puppy training Brisbane'' or 'puppy school; near me' search for Bonnies
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So what is the total percentage of costs is the training: 1.63 %

  • Total setup costs: $6,420

  • Total ongoing costs over 10 years: $50,000

  • Training cost: $920 (for one training session)

To calculate the percentage of the total spent that represents the training cost of $920:

Total spent over 10 years = Total setup costs + Total ongoing costs over 10 years

Total spent = $6,420 + $50,000 Total spent = $56,420

Percentage of training cost: Percentage = (Training cost / Total spent) * 100 Percentage = ($920 / $56,420) * 100 Percentage ≈ 1.63%

Therefore, the percentage of the total spent that represents the training cost of $920 is approximately 1.63%.

Please note that the daily and yearly costs may vary depending on your specific choices, location, and the needs of your puppy. It's always a good idea to research prices in your area and consult with professionals to get accurate estimates.

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1 comentario

12 jul 2023

I spent 100 dollars in the first 2 weeks on Toys alone. Treats cost 16.00 for 1 packet of 80 grams. My pet insurance is 1350 /per year and going up. My own costs is more like 140 dollars a week Not the 100 you have but the cost of training is about right so for me it works out about 1% of total costs.

Me gusta
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