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"G'day, Future Pup Parents: A Barkin' Good Letter to Ya!"

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

This is a rewrite of an original article by Australian Legend "Dog Trainer" Val Bonney. It's a fun article with a real point to be made. Peter Bonney:

Dingo and family pack
Fair Dinkum Mate - Let's get real about our Best Mate!

"G'day, Future Pup Parents: A Barkin' Good Letter to Ya!",

Let me share some fair dinkum thoughts with you. Bringing a new baby home when you've already got a family pet can be a real corker of a challenge. We might reckon our best mate is all sweet with the kids, but we've got to be as smart as a dingo and not let our guard down.

Ya see, in the dog's eyes, that little bub is a bit of a greenie in their territory, so it's best to get 'em familiar with the smell of the new addition before they meet face to face. It's like giving 'em a fair go to adjust, mate.

Now, picture this - your young ones bringing their school mates over for a playdate, and your friendly old mutt goes and nips one of the visitors. That's a dingo's breakfast, right there! It's on us to remember that even in fun and games, those teeth and claws can do some damage. So, it's best to keep a close eye on our best mate when there are young'uns around.

And here's a ripper of a lesson: dogs have instincts mate, just like their wolf ancestors. They got that fight, flight, bite, and hunt in their blood. So, if you ever see a kid gettin' a bit too close to your dog's face, don't just stand there like a stunned mullet. Give 'em a gentle nudge and remind 'em to give the pup some space, eh? We don't want our mate to feel threatened and react instinctively.

Now, let's talk about dog breeds. Each one's got its strengths, and we've got to be fair dinkum about matchin' 'em with our lifestyle. Whether it's a cattle dog, a collie, a retriever, or a rottie, they all need mental and physical stimulation. So, it's up to us to give 'em the right outlets, like obedience comps, agility, or even field trials. When the time is right and they are good and strong.

But here's the clincher - owning a dog ain't just about givin' 'em a feed and pat on the head. We've got to bring 'em into the family pack, treat 'em right, and set boundaries. Training's the key, mate. It's like teachin' 'em the Aussie way of life.

Before we rush into gettin' a new four-legged mate, let's have a fair dinkum think about what's best for our family and the dog. It's a real commitment, and we've got to be responsible dog owners. So, let's show some true blue love and care for these wonderful creatures.

Take it from Val Bonney, a dinky-di canine behavioral specialist and international trainer. She knows her stuff, and we'd be barking mad not to listen.

So, next time you're thinkin' about bringin' a mate into your home, remember - give 'em love, give 'em training, and make sure they're a fair dinkum fit for your family.

Cheers, and happy dog-ownin'!

Val and Peter Bonney and the Bonnies Dog Trainers
Fair dinkum mate - be real with your best mate.

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